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The direct selling companies which want to launch Generation MLM plan needs a fully features and best generation MLM software program to manage, control and analyze all the activities performed through the MLM leaders and customers. MLM Ready Made introduces their most famous Generation MLM Software for this purpose. Our Generation MLM Software has all the features, functionalities, reports and forms required to control any era MLM plan business industry. Our Generation MLM Software additionally manages data and records of branches, franchises or agencies provided with the aid of the multi level marketing companies for their generation MLM plan.

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Board Plan MLM Software includes:

  • Dynamic generation MLM plan website in accordance to client preference. We additionally develop a mobile-friendly website as per client requirement.
  • Admin penal which includes all the features, informative and analytical reports, purchasing reports, MLM leader structure genealogical data diagrammatically, financial transaction reports, down line reports and all different customized reports and facts required by way of the MLM organization which running Generation MLM plan.
  • Use penal through which MLM leaders can view, manage their purchasing of products or services, genealogical information, down lines etc. The user penal of web-based online Generation MLM Software is user pleasant and easy to operate.
  • Features of Generation MLM Software

  • Generation MLM Software is user friendly and easy to operate. MLM leaders without problems view and manipulate their network functionalities through Generation MLM Software.
  • MLM Ready Made integrates MLM business plan of the direct selling organization and develops customized reports required by the users.
  • Generation MLM Software manages branches, organizations or franchises of direct selling companies.
  • MLM Ready Made assures all for 100% accuracy in the integration of their MLM business plan into Generation MLM Software.
  • E-Wallet funds transfer requests also integrated into Generation MLM Software.
  • Creation, transfer of e-Pin management.
  • Easy shopping cart management feature.
  • Easy purchasing process, various types of purchasing or order records reports.