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NBFC Software (Non-Banking Financial Company Software)

NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) is registered under the Company Act 1956 in India engaged in the primary business of advances and loans, acquisition of shares/ debentures/ bonds/ stocks/ securities that are issued by way of the Government or local authority like hire-purchase, nature, insurance business, leasing, chit business however does now not involved in any institution or organization whose main business is of industrial, agriculture, buy or sale activities of any products, goods or providing any construction services of immovable property. NBFC is a company and has principal business of receive deposits under the scheme in one lump-sum or installments with the aid of way of contributions or in any different manner.

As some distance as concern for Indian financial authority the NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies) through advantage of power protected in Chapter third B of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Act 1934.


Role of NBFC Software for Non Banking Finance Companies

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